About SBOB

Who is SBOB?

SBOB is not a person but an acronym for the Sycamore Band and Orchestra Boosters!  It is an active group of parent volunteers who work with the instrumental music staff of the Sycamore Community Schools to support, enhance, and supplement the needs of the Sycamore Band and Orchestra Program.  Simply put, it’s band Moms/Dads and orchestra Moms/Dads who want to help make their child’s musical experience at Sycamore the best it can be.

This sounds like a great organization! How can I join?

Any parent with a child in band or orchestra at Sycamore is automatically a member of the Sycamore Band and Orchestra Boosters. There is no membership fee and all band and orchestra parents are welcome.  The opportunity for parents to first become involved begins in 5th Grade with “Pancake Day.”  This is one of our major musical and fundraising events and we need a lot of parent volunteers to make Pancake Day a success.  For many parents, this is their first introduction to SBOB.  Additional opportunities to help become available as the students progress through the band and orchestra program at Sycamore.  In the 7th grade, parent volunteers are needed for two additional events: Tag Day and the Craft Show.  More information about these events can be found on our “Fundraising” page.  By the time your child progresses to band or orchestra at Sycamore High School, the opportunities to be a part of not only the SBOB organization, but also your child’s education and high school experience are bountiful!  In addition to our fundraising efforts, SBOB is the source of parent volunteers for chaperoning trips, hosting post-concert receptions, fitting uniforms for marching band and tuxedos for orchestra, building props for marching band and a whole host of other opportunities to be a part of the tradition of musical excellence that is the Sycamore Community School’s Band and Orchestra Program!

When does SBOB meet?

Regular meetings of the Sycamore Band and Orchestra Boosters are held monthly, August through May, with the exception of December (no meeting). Meetings are held at Sycamore High School in the staff lunchroom and begin at 7:00pm. All meeting dates are published on the SBOB website events calendar.

What happens at the meetings and do I have to come to the meetings to be able to help?

Absolutely not!  We would love to have you come to the monthly meetings, but it is not necessary in order to be involved.  Many parents do eventually come to the meetings because it is a great way to learn about what is happening with the bands and Orchestras at Sycamore, but it is not a requirement at all.  There is a time for the band and orchestra directors to give brief reports on what is happening in their classes.  This includes information about upcoming performances, special events and student accomplishments.  We discuss any SBOB “business” which is usually the upcoming fundraiser or long term projects such as preparations for the Marching Band & HS Orchestra Disney trip.  The meetings usually last 45 minutes to an hour at most.  SBOB has had many years to refine how it functions and our meetings are efficient and well run.  We understand everyone’s time is valuable and we want to respect that!  We also have fun and enjoy working together!  We just do all of this in an efficient and well organized fashion.

If I can’t come to the meetings, how do I know when & where I can help?

This website!  Volunteer opportunities will be posted on www.sbob.org.  You will also receive emails from sbob.org and handouts will be sent home with your student describing ways you can help.

How much can I help?  I’m pretty busy!

The answer is you can help as much as you would like!  We have parents who have the availability to help us with virtually every event and other parents who are only able to help with one event a year.  We even have some parents who are not able to be at any of the events, but are able to help us on their own schedule from their home with organizing things in advance for our events.  Volunteering can even be as simple as displaying one of our “Craft Show” yard signs in your front yard!  We have a place for everyone to help!

The Sycamore Community School District is an outstanding school district that provides its students with numerous opportunities.  Why would it need an organization like SBOB?

This is a great question and the answer lies within the question.  Sycamore has a vast and thriving music program.  The depth and breadth of these musical opportunities requires a tremendous amount of support! Sycamore’s music program begins in kindergarten where students are introduced to musical instruments provided by Sycamore. In fifth grade, this is where SBOB becomes involved, band and orchestra classes are first available and approximately 70 percent of students elect to participate in one of these offerings!  These students choose an instrument of interest and, while many students purchase their own instrument, some of these instruments as well as the additional equipment necessary for band/orchestra are provided by Sycamore. At the 5th and 6th grade band/orchestra level, the students build a foundation and love of performing.  At the junior high level, band and orchestra students are beginning to develop a mastery of their instrument.  At this level, it is appropriate and necessary to provide the students with additional opportunities for growth and enriching experiences in the form of guest clinicians, Ohio Music Education Association Solo & Ensemble and Large Group events, field trips, and special presentations.  By high school, most students have become highly accomplished musicians. At this level, more enriching opportunities are needed and, consequently, made available.  Many of these come in the form of extra-curricular ensembles such as SEE1 (rock orchestra), Marching Band, Jazz Band, Winter Guard and Percussion Ensemble just to name a few!  These extra-curricular opportunities are in addition to the enriching activities the students began to experience at the junior high level and continue to do so at the high school such as the many Ohio Music Education Association events, guest artists/clinicians, field trips as well as expanded opportunities for Select/Honor Bands and Orchestras in our local area and throughout the midwest.  As you can see, this is a vast program and we simply could not give our students the opportunities they deserve without the financial, organizational and volunteer support SBOB provides!

What are some specific things SBOB has paid for?

Here are just a few specific things that SBOB has done for our students over the past few years!

  • Tubas at E.H. Greene Intermediate for 5th and 6th Grade Band.
  • Posture chairs for the 5th & 6th Grade Orchestras at E.H. Greene Intermediate.
  • Accompanists for Sycamore Junior High School Band & Orchestra Students for OMEA Solo & Ensemble.
  • Bass Guitar for SHS Jazz Band.
  • Guest Artist for annual SEE1 concert.
  • Equipment for SHS Winter Guard.
  • Entry fees for all 3 SHS Concert Bands and SHS Orchestra for OMEA Large Group Adjudicated Event.
  • Senior Awards for Band & Orchestra Students.
  • Repairs to school owned bassoons for E.H. Greene Intermediate, SJHS and SHS.

At some point, SBOB has provided financial support through the purchase of instruments and equipment for every band and orchestra at Sycamore.  SBOB has also provided financial support to students who have demonstrated financial need and are unable to pay for the costs associated with participating in band/orchestra.

Where does the money come from to pay for all this?

There are three major annual fundraisers: Tag Day in late August or early September, Craft Show in November and Pancake Day in March.  Over 98 percent of all monies collected go back to the students and programs with less than 2 percent used for the operational costs of the organization.  In addition, parents can earn money for individual student accounts maintained by SBOB for activity-related expenses through a variety of ways including participating in the Scrip Card program throughout the year and a Spring Flower Sale.

How is such an important organization managed?

SBOB was organized in the 1960’s with the current structure in place since 1983.  It is not-for-profit and recognized as a 501(c)3 organization.  It is run by an executive board of trustees made up of twelve parents and four members of the Sycamore instrumental music staff.  Parent trustees are elected on a rolling basis each year and have two-year terms; trustee membership is limited to two consecutive terms.