The Disney Trip is getting closer and we are now at the point in time when 2 important forms will be due. Those are the “Summit Tour & Travel Trip Application & Health Form” (due September 12) which must be completed by all students and chaperones on the trip and the “Medication Orders from Physician Form” (due October 26) which is only necessary if your child will need to take any medication while on the trip. Those forms can be found right here! 

Summit Tour & Travel Trip Application & Health Form (click for form)
This form is required for all students & chaperones going on the trip.  This is a 2 sided form and must be submitted in that format.  Please print as a 1 page – 2 sided document, complete and return to your child’s director.

Medication Orders from Physician Form (click for form)
This form is mandatory for any student requiring medication (this includes “over the counter” medication) while on the trip.  If your child already takes medication while at school, you do not need to complete this form.  The SHS Nurse will provide a copy of this form in this case.  If your child takes a daily medication this form will need to be completed.  If your child sometimes take a medication, ex. allergy medication or acetaminophen for occasional headaches, they will need to have this form completed in order for them to have the medication on the trip.  Please note, medication must in the original container, prescription medications must also have the original label affixed by the pharmacist, must show the student’s name, name of the medication, dosage directions, licensed prescriber’s name and RX number (if applicable).