Posted for April 15, 2019 SBOB Open Meeting

  • Proposed Change for SBOB By-Laws
  • Nominations for SBOB Officers and Trustees

Composition:  The ExecutivBoarcomprises President, VicPresident, TreasurerComptroller, Recording Secretary, and Correspondence Secretary elected by the Board of Trustees at the May meeting.


2.   Term of
office: Officers are elected by the Board of Trustees for a term
of one year, running from May through the following May meeting. The term
of office may be changed by the Board of Trustees.


3.   Powers and Duties of the Executive Board:


A.   The President presides at all meetings, sets the agenda for all meetings, and acts as official representative of
the Association.


B.   The Vice President performs the duties of President in the absence of the President and performs the role of strategic
project manager as needed.


C.  The Treasurer iresponsible for all funds of the Association. The Treasurer keeps accurate records of receipts and disbursements, and provides monthly financial reports to the TrusteesThe Treasurer files annual returns with the IRS, and any forms or registrations required by thState of Ohio. The Treasurer retains the financial records of
the Association for a minimum of seven years.
  handles the funds of the Band and Orchestra Boosters Association in the form of cash, check or electronic
transfers and performs banking duties including reconciling bank statements,
handling and coordinating payments and refunds and tracking donations and


D.  The Comptroller
performs bookkeeping activities maintaining record of all financial
transactions. They assist with budgeting and perform budget tracking and
prepare the monthly financial report to the Board of Trustees.  They
assist the accountant in the certification of tax exempt status and prepare tax
forms and documents for the IRS and state of Ohio.


E.  The Recording Secretary keeps records of
all regular, special and annual meetings, provides the minutes of meetings, and keeps all non- financial records of
the Association, including lists of voting members, trustees, and committee chairs.


F.  The Correspondence Secretary prepares
and distributes all correspondence on behalf of the board of trustees –
electronic and post – including thanks and acknowledgement of donations from
donors.  They prepare and send solicitations for donations, membership and
other public contacts and receive and present to the Board all incoming
correspondence from District, Teachers, families and the general public.

Position Nominee
President Chris Barr
Treasurer Pam McCallen
Comptroller Angie Basselman
Recording Secretary Anne Berg
Trustee Mina/Sam Chamberlin
Trustee Elizabeth/Brendan O’Brien