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Purchase an Ad for SEE 1 (Sycamore Electric Ensemble – the first high school rock orchestra in Cincinnati) Program. It will feature Joe Deninzon, lead singer and electric violinist of the progressive rock band, Stratopheerius! The event will draw from the Sycamore Community and Greater Cincinnati Area.

The concert will be held at the:
Sycamore High School Auditorium
7400 Cornell Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242

In addition to your Ad being a part of our program, it will be made into a separate poster and will be displayed in lobby of the auditorium for the program.

Consider making a special offer as part of your Ad! Personal or Congratulatory Ads are also welcome!!

Please mail the following information to the address above and mark it Attn: SEE 1 or email it to by Wednesday, before the concert.
1) Company Name
2) Company Contact
3) Company Address
4) Company Phone
5) Email Address
6) Logo or Pictures in Jpeg format (not larger than 4 megs per mail)
High Def pictures/logos make better print.
7) Slogan, Text, Special Offer

The Sycamore Band and Orchestra Boosters retain the right to approve content on all the ads.

Support the Sycamore School’s music program!


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