The SBOB Mattress Sale Is This Coming Saturday!
This Saturday, April 30, from 10:00am to 5:00pm at Sycamore High School the Sycamore Band & Orchestra Boosters are excited to host their first mattress sale! Tell your friends and family!  Post it on Facebook, Tweet it and share this great opportunity in anyway you can!  This sale is a “Win – Win” for anyone looking for a new mattress and the students of the Sycamore Band & Orchestra program! This event has been a very successful fundraiser for bands & orchestras not only in the greater Cincinnati area but across the country for more than a decade. We are excited to have the opportunity to run this event here at Sycamore High School for the first time!

How does this sale help the Band & Orchestra Students?  Because this is a tremendous opportunity for families to earn money for their student accounts!

How does this sale earn money for your student account?  Anyone who purchases a mattress at the sale and mentions your student’s name as referring them to the sale earns you money for your SBOB Student Account!  How much can we earn?
$75 for every Twin size mattress/set
$100 for every Full or Queen size mattress/set
$125 for every King size mattress/est
$100 for every adjustable base
Additional $100 Bonus for 4 or more referral sales

In order to receive the credit for a sale the purchaser needs to give us the name of the student who referred them.  To do this please print or share the following link to the student referral form.
Student Referral Form Link

Why would families want to add money to their student accounts?  Because the Marching Band & Orchestra are going to Walt Disney World in November and this is a great way to help pay for it!

We are very excited about this fundraiser for many reasons:
– We do not have to sell anything!
– We do not have to collect any money or be responsible for any product distribution!
– It is a one day event that should raise several thousand dollars!!!
– There is no risk or out of pocket expense to our organization or school!
– The fundraising organization is extremely professional, organized, and handles almost all of the legwork!
– The mattresses are extremely high quality and have outstanding warranties!
– The mattresses are also deeply discounted: up to 50% below retail stores!
– Every band & orchestra member can earn personal referral bonuses directly into their student account!

Our contribution to this event is simply to get the word out about the mattress sale! The best part about this fundraiser is that our parents are not expected to buy a new mattress. This event is only for the people in our community who are in the market for a mattress.  We just need to spread the word about this sale so anyone that is in the market for a new mattress can come to the sale!  

How is this sale beneficial to someone looking to purchase a mattress?  The mattress available at the sale are high quality & deeply discounted which benefits the consumer! 

  • Brands available at the sale are not “seconds”, “flea market quality”, reconditioned or “low end discounted quality”.  Everything is brand new, factory sealed with a full manufacturer warranty. Brands include nationally known manufacturers Simmons, Southerland and Restonic!
  • All sizes and adjustable bases are available. There will be a complete showroom with 25 sets on display.
  • Delivery is available for a fee or items can be picked up at the company’s local warehouse (located near IKEA in West Chester) about 1 to 2 weeks after the sale.
  • No high pressure sales– just savings to our community up to 50% below retail.  All we ask is that people come in and take a look.

Questions about products available at the sale?  contact Debbie Harbin at